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“I live to take cold hard iron, add enough heat to make it surrender to my creativity, bend it to my will and master it completely, thus, producing an iron wall sculpture that I would be proud to hang on my own wall.”       D. Alcalay

 Doron Alcalay tames iron to create cutting edge iron wall sculptures, reflecting both the variety of the environments he has lived in, and the inhabitants of his imagination. Abstract flows of metal form a rounded woman, fleshed out of iron. Two gently fluid iron lovers emerge from the raw material, intermingling with diffused light.

 An artistic spirit all of his life, Doron was born in Jerusalem, initially deriving his inspiration from his Middle East environment. For 10 years, Doron lived in South America, infusing his art with the rich culture of Brazil. Six years of military service in the Israeli Army, in the field of computers, added a layer of precision to his expertise.

 Doron is a self- taught master. He learned his craft by doing. In 2006, his first studio opened; his second studio incorporated an artist’s workshop for himself and his peers. From these fellow artists, he drew strength and confidence, further developing his skill set.

 Admirers of Doron Alcalay’s iron sculptures, either free standing or wall mounted, are deeply affected by the emotion that is captured as the soul of the raw material bends to his will.


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